If you own a boat and would like to earn some income from your boat while you’re not using it, Flotespace is perfect for you. We offer a safe and secure way to generate additional income from your boat, helping to offset ownership costs.

You can be confident that you are in control of the entire process ensuring you know who is on your boat and when. You can set the price that suits your needs and decide who stays and when via our booking process.

If you’re ready, get started now!

Or if you have any more questions, we’ve provided more detailed information below.

Rent your boat

  • Ensure you have a good listing You’ll want to make sure you present your boat in the best way possible, with great photos and descriptions to capture the imagination of your potential guests.
  • Setting the price The price you set is entirely up to you, but carefully consider the other options your potential guests have, including hotels and other boats. You can change the price at any time, and charge different amounts for different days and times of the year.
  • When do you want to rent your boat?You can rent your boat to guests as often as you’d like, using our calendar feature to nominate the days your boat is available for rent. To make sure everyone is on the same page, we encourage you to nominate the days you want to use your boat (or not make it available for rental) using our calendar.
  • Damage Cover You can set the damage cover amount that suits you. Renters will be charged this amount if there is damage caused during a booking.
  • Accepting a booking You are notified if a guest has indicated they want to book your boat, and the details are emailed to you. You have a set time to respond to accept the booking or not. On your acceptance, we charge the customer for the booking and confirm it with you.
  • How does payment work?We charge the guest at the time the booking is confirmed, and the money is held in trust until the booking is completed and we confirm everything was in order. Payment is then made to you.
  • How much does it cost to list my boat?It costs nothing to list your boat with Flotespace. Yes, Free, so get listing!
  • What service do I need to provide?Part of the community aspect of Flotespace is the engagement of boat owners and their guests. You, or your representative, will meet the guests at a pre-arranged time and escort them onto the boat and provide a thorough briefing, anything they need to know about your boat and wish them an enjoyable stay.Some owners even go so far as to provide a bottle of champagne or wine, which is not mandatory but is a very nice touch. You’ll find engagement with your guests one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a boat owner on Flotespace. Don’t forget that guests are encouraged to rate and review their experience on your boat, so it’s in your interest to provide the best experience possible to all your guests.
  • What about insurance?It is the responsibility of the boat owner to be insured for providing their boat for guest rental. You should check with your insurance company and if necessary update your policy before you make your boat available for rental.We’d love to welcome you on-board the Flotespace community, so if you’re now ready to list your boat, click here to get started.

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